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Portland is a large city in the state of Oregon. It is near Willamette and Columbia rivers. Its population is about 609,456 which makes it 29th largest city in the states and 2nd largest in the Pacific Northwest. Many people live near MSA (Portland metropolitan area). It’s an old city and was developed very interesting way focusing on the downtown area. This part of Portland has narrow streets which makes the driving a bit difficult. Portland is popular for having light rail and different means of transportation. Its area makes it a nice place to grow roses and it has a nickname of “The City of Roses”. The city has mild climate with dry summers and cool winters. It’s really large and the economy of the city is growing since 2010.
Many people move to Portland from other states of US. It is a nice place to move for living and working. Since the growth of the economy and great job chances, Portland is widely visited. So what is keeping you from moving to “The City of Roses”? When nothing does, then it’s time to think of moving your household and vehicles. It’s important to choose the best auto moving company for moving your vehicle. Portland Car Transport can help with Auto Transport to Portland.Read More