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Portland Car Transport Services

When moving your vehicle, it’s important you choose a trustworthy and reliable auto moving company. Portland Car Transport can help you with your auto shipments to and from Portland. With us, moving your car can be an easy process. We make sure to handle every detail in the car transportation process, so you have less to worry about. Our team is experienced in and around the Portland area. We also offer car shipping services nationwide. Our company can ship all types of vehicles, not just cars. We can help you transport your truck, van, motorcycle, and boat to any place in the country, any time you need it.

Portland Car Transport knows how important your car is and will make sure it is delivered to Portland safely. Portland Car Transport makes it easy to ship your car to Portland, offering on-time pickups and prompt deliveries. We provide door-to-door shipping services with every kind of vehicle. There’s no need to meet us at some terminal you’ve never visited before, we’ll come to you!

We advise you to plan everything with us in advance. We suggest that you contact us at least two weeks before the planned shipment. If your needs are urgent however, we do also offer expedited car shipping services.

We put the needs of our customers first. We provide consistent and reliable transportation for all vehicles. With over a decade of experience in vehicle transportation, Portland Car Transport has knows how to keep your vehicles safe and protected.
Students and military citizens can benefit from our special discounts to make vehicle shipment easier and cheaper. We also provide full-coverage insurance for every vehicle we transport, which is included in the shipment price.
You can get your free instant quote on our website, or call our live agents for assistance. Our agents will help you with setting up the time and location for the pick-up and drop off. We have extended hours and are also available on Saturdays.

Give us a call at  (503)-847-9100 and our team will be happy to assist you with your car shipment!