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Downtown Menorah Kicks Off Holiday

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Last Thursday, Portland lit up downtown with a candle to initiate the celebration of the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. In it, there had been around 900 people gathered together in Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown in order to illuminate the huge Hanukkah menorah. The event had been organized as part of a livestream well-coordinated with multiple other cities on a global scale.

All thanks to the Chabad of Oregon, given that they have a responsibility to celebrate Hanukkah in regards to the war between Israel and Hamas. The director of Chabad SW Portland, Rabbi Motti Wilhelm, has in particular felt that the war is consistently something that everyone of the Jewish faith should regard as fuel to light candles of hope and faith.

What does Hanukkah commemorate?

It’s in regards to the military victory of the Maccabees, given that a priest-like group of Jews had led a rebellion in the second century versus Antiochus IV Epiphanes. In particular, the holiday is to symbolize the faith that is to be had with historical period of adversity. Usually, the celebrations involve lighting up a type of menorah called a a Hannakiah, which is known as a nine-branch menorah.

Greasy food is also common.

The political climate was said to be rather impactful when it comes to public celebration, so there’s been a sigh of relief to know that the record turnout still occurred. Just on Sunday the 10th, there had also been two more grand menorah lightings to celebrate the fourth night of Hanukkah, in Gresham Arts Plaza and Tanner Springs Park in Portland.

Additionally, the other areas of Oregon show menorah lightings in multiple areas like Ashland, Medford, Eugene, Sandy and Grants Pass. The whole state is happy to celebrate the Hanukkah Holiday. It’s a very meaningful event that is occurring this month and you should definitely embrace it if you want to see the beautiful demonstrations of love, peace and honor.

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