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Nissan Releasing Seven New Car Models

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Nissan is setting its sights on the future with a fresh three-year plan. In North America, they’re getting ready to introduce seven brand-new car models. Plus, they’re going to update almost 80 percent of the cars they already sell in the U.S. This is all part of their preparation for more electric cars.

Not only that, but Nissan is also planning to put $200 million into making sure their customers have the best experience possible in the United States. Their big goal is to sell 330,000 more cars in North America by 2026 compared to what they sold in 2023.

Nissan hasn’t told us yet what kind of engines their new cars will have in the U.S. But they’ve given us a clue that some will be electric. They’re thinking about introducing cars that can plug in and recharge, and they’re also working on something called e-Power. With e-Power, there’s a gas engine that makes electricity for the electric motor. This motor is what makes the car move. Right now, Nissan doesn’t offer any hybrid or plug-in-hybrid cars in the United States.

In the next three years, Nissan is also getting ready to launch 30 new car models around the world.

Sixteen of these will be electric, and the rest will have regular engines. With all these new cars, Nissan is aiming for electric cars to make up 40 percent of their sales worldwide by 2026 and 60 percent by 2030.

Nissan is also planning to make their next generation of electric cars a lot cheaper. They want to make them cost 30 percent less than the current Nissan Ariya. They’re planning to do this by sharing the costs of development for these new cars. They’re planning to start making them in 2027, and by 2030, they want electric cars to cost the same as regular cars.

This plan from Nissan has two big parts. First, they want to create more value and be more competitive. Second, they’re focusing on making lots of new products, making more electric cars, trying new ways to design and build cars, and working with other companies to sell more cars worldwide. Globally, Nissan wants more than half of the new cars they make in the next three years to be electric.

The CEO of Nissan, Makoto Uchida, says this plan is important because it shows where the company is going in the future. He says it proves that Nissan is always moving forward and knows how to handle changes in the market. He believes this plan will help Nissan grow and make more money, even when the market is unpredictable.

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