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When you need your vehicle shipped, it is important that you choose a trustworthy and reliable auto moving company. That’s where Portland Car Transport comes in! We can ship your vehicle to or from Portland – anywhere throughout the United States. With us, moving your car is easy and stress-free. We handle every detail of the car transportation process so that you don’t have to.Our team has many years of experience, especially in and around the Portland area. And, Portland Car Transport can ship all types of vehicles, not just cars. Whether you need to transport your truck, van, motorcycle, boat, or other vehicles to a new location, we can do it for you.

The process runs smoothly if you plan everything with us with the right amount of notice. We suggest that you contact us at least two weeks before the planned shipment. But, if your needs are urgent we do also offer expedited car shipping services.

So, don’t hesitate — give us a call at (503)-847-9100 and Portland Car Transport will be happy to assist you with your car shipment!

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