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$14.5 Million Spent by Linfield for Expanding Portland Nursing School

Portland, Oregon – Linfield College announced about his plan to extend its Portland nursing school on Monday. The college bought 20 acres in outer Northeast Portland to house the program. Many students from Linfield College share their colleg...Read More

portland paralyzed man

First Paralyzed Man in the U.S. Finished Half Marathon in Portland

Portland, Oregon - On Saturday night the first paralyzed man in the United States completed a half marathon. The man named Adam Gorlitsky hurt his spine in a car accident when he was only 19. He got paralyzed from the waist down and lost his abili...Read More


Portland Approves $500,000 to Support Immigrants with Deportation Case

PORTLAND, OREGON – Portland city council reported that it has approved spending $500,000 to help defend immigrants who stand the deportation process. A non-profit organization will receive the funds and take measures to organize activities supporti...Read More


Man Collected Dead Parents’ Pension in Portland

PORTLAND, OREGON -- The city of Portland plans to sue the man who collected nearly $70,000 of dead firefighters' pension payments.   Joan Soulders, the widow of a firefighter, had to receive the monthly pension benefits a...Read More

Portland sex abuse

South African Man Was Arrested For Sex and Rape in Portland After Hiding Away for 25 Years

Portland, Oregon ---A South African man was arrested for sex abuse and rape and was brought to Portland on Wednesday. He has been on the run for 25 years. 43-year-old Barett Preston Busschau from South Africa was arrested for allegedly molestin...Read More

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