Portland i-5 closed

I-5 Paving Projects will Shut Southbound Lanes All Weekend

Are you ready for a hot and slow ride through Portland this weekend? ODOT will close all southbound lanes of Interstate 5 from the Fremont Bridge to Interstate 84 at 10 p.m. Friday, July 13. During the closure crews will grind down and repave the fre...Read More

portland shooting

State University Police Officers Shot and Killed a Man near the Campus

PORTLAND, Oregon -- Portland State University police officers shot and killed a man across the street from a popular sports bar on campus, authorities said.   Officers from the university responded to a disturbance near the Cheerful Tortoi...Read More


Man Files Lawsuit Against Walmart for Racial Discrimination

PORTLAND, OR - On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against Walmart by Jamaal Winchester.   The lawsuit is going for $55,000.   Winchester was on his day off from Postal Service and he was spending the day with his ...Read More

police officer

Police Officer Shot Violent Suspect in Quiet Neighborhood

A police officer had received a disturbance call Wednesday afternoon at the Northeast 126th Avenue. A resident’s home surveillance camera caught everything that had occurred before and after the police officer arrived at the location. The vid...Read More


Oregon Residents Panic from ‘Emergency Alert’ Text

Salem, Oregon -- On Tuesday night, residents of Oregon received an alert on their phones about a “civil emergency” which caused a lot of panic in the state. Police were getting lots of calls at the same time with panicked residen...Read More

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