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Auction Auto Transport

Auction Auto Transport

Purchase your car at an auction? We provide top-notch auto auction transportation! Auctions are a great way to save you money on the car you’ve been wanting — maybe the dealer did not have the exact color or model you were looking for. For others, auctions can be great places to find unique, exotic, or luxury vehicles to add to the collection.

There are so many car auctions across the United States, and many times you might end up purchasing a car in another state. Then what? You’ll need your new car brought to its new home. If you need your newly purchased vehicle shipped to or from Portland, we have the tools to help you!

Auction Auto Transport with Portland Car Transport

Portland Car Transport is the right vehicle shipping company for your auction transport needs. It doesn’t matter where you’ve purchased your vehicle — we can ship to or from any US auction. So, you don’t have to worry when you’re buying a car from another state. We will ship it for you at an affordable price.

Are you running an auction? We can also work directly with auctions to ship cars to buyers. Portland Car Transport is happy to help you with all your shipping needs! We work with a variety of dealers and auctions all around the country. Portland Car Transport has shipped thousands of recently sold cars to their buyers!

With Portland Car Transport you have nothing to worry about! Contact us for more information on our Auction Auto Transport.