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Portland Greek festival

Biggest Festival of Its Kind is in Portland: Greek Annual Festival Awaits you

Greek festival is already in the city. If you love experiencing a new culture and new cuisine, as well as meeting people, you need to be among the attendees. Portland hosts this symbolic event to celebrate Greek culture. It features traditional d...Read More


6 Things You Should Do in Portland During Your Life

Portland, Oregon----Everybody loves Portland. Of course, Portland is great! Probably you have been in Portland before, but there are things you should do in Portland during your life. More than thirty years, Chapman Elementary School in Northwest ...Read More

portland fire

The 5 WORST Things About Living in Portland

Even though Portland has many merits both for the residents and tourists, there are 5 things that people hate about Portland. Driving in Portland Allstate Insurance has recently ranked Portland’s Bridge City’s motorists amo...Read More

travel to portland

Traveling to Portland? Explore 7 Exclusive Reasons to Do So

When you are wondering where you can go to enjoy beer, some weirdness, cheap food, forest hikes and more, you can always visit Portland. It is a unique place where you visit once, stay for 2 days and move to. Here are 10 useful tips for you and also ...Read More

Portland Protest

A Protest Organized By Right-Wing Patriot Prayer Left Three People Hospitalized

A protest organized by right-wing Patriot Prayer in Portland left three people hospitalized on Saturday. Activists said at least three of people gathered to protest got injuries sustained from the crowd –control munitions fired by Portland polic...Read More

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