The City of Portland is Finally Allowing E-Scooter Companies to be Active

This past weekend, the Portland Bureau of Transportation released the “Shared Electric Scooters Permit Application” for e-scooter companies to be able to start operating i...Read More


Portland Company Raises $250,000 to Help Immigrant Families

Last week, there was a lot of fuss about Melania Trump’s jacket that was captured in the photo while she was getting on a plane. The Trumps were headed to the U.S.-Mexico border. The jacket had the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” which sta...Read More


Nonprofit Tiger Farmers? Yes, Just outside of Portland

Recently, a couple’s nonprofit organization has caught the attention of the government. Cheryl Jones and her husband/ business partner, Steve Higgs, moved to a farmhouse just outside of Hillsboro....Read More

oregon roads

Do Oregon Slow Drivers Cause More Crashes on Roads?

If you think Oregon drivers are slow, you're not alone. A recent study says they're some of the slowest drivers in the country and researchers say that can be dangerous.   There's no doubt driving over the speed limit can be deadly. Oregon...Read More

portland traffic

Portland Wednesday Traffic and Road Closures, According to ODOT

The ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) has completed an initial study of traffic counts on the first phase of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass which opened in January. According to the study, 12,000 vehicles use the roadway daily. The study, release...Read More

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