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Oregon-Area Representatives Look To Support Struggling Nations

You are currently viewing Oregon-Area Representatives Look To Support Struggling Nations
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On Saturday, most of the Oregon House representatives agreed to support big help plans for three friends of America.

They chose to give more than $60 billion to Ukraine, $26 billion to Israel, and over $8 billion to friends in the Indo-Pacific area.

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson said, “It’s like an old saying in the military: it’s better to send help to the fight far away than to send our own soldiers, our troops. I think this is a big moment, a big chance to make that choice.”

But some Democrats worry that this money might make Israel act aggressively, which could put Palestinian people in Gaza in danger.

Even though Oregon Democrat Suzanne Bonamici voted for helping Israel, she wished the money was only for defensive help.

Bonamici said, “I would have liked to vote for a plan that only gave defensive and kind help, but that’s not what we voted on. All countries that get help from the U.S. military, like Israel, need to follow the rules of the world. I told the Biden Administration how important that is, and I’ll keep doing that.”

Only one Oregon congressman, Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer, voted against giving lots of money to Israel. Republican Representative Lori Chavez-DeRemer voted yes for all three plans.

“It’s sad that helping our friends who believe in democracy has become a problem, but I believe those who support democracy during this tough time are doing the right thing,” Chavez-DeRemer said.

Speaker Johnson said, “This plan isn’t perfect because, in a government where people disagree and have different ideas, we can’t always get everything right.”

Oregon Congresswoman Val Hoyle also voted to help all three, saying we need to give kind help in Gaza and help Ukraine fight back against Putin’s attack.

Hoyle said, “Our help for Ukraine is important to help them fight against Putin’s attack, which hurt many people in Ukraine and put their freedom and democracy in danger.”

These plans will go to the Senate next. They will vote on Tuesday.

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