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About Portland Car Transport

Portland Car Transport is one of the leading providers of auto shipping in the Portland area. We have been in business since 2006, so we have a lot of experience in vehicle shipping. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best services possible, and we do so offering a full range of transport services. We can ship any type of vehicle. We can also ship to or from Portland, anywhere across the United States.


And, we only work with the best. Our agents have been trained to assist you with all your shipping needs and requests. They are always there to answer all your questions and provide you with information regarding our company and your shipment. They can handle several calls at the same time and connect you with the driver transporting your vehicle, so you’ll always know the status of your shipment. Our agents are always there when you need an update on your car transport.

We also have a great crew of drivers who are very experienced in the shipment process. They know how to handle the tools and equipment to ship all types of vehicles. And, our drivers always choose the safest routes for the shipping process. So, whatever kind of auto transport you need in Portland,  they can make it possible.

What Our Company Can Provide

We provide multiple types of transport services, depending on the needs of you and your vehicle. These include both Open and Enclosed auto transport. And, if you need your vehicle picked up faster, we can also offer Expedited Auto Transport.

Here at Portland Car Transport, we also do our best to provide you with the most affordable prices for our shipping services.

Explore our website or call us today for more information on our auto shipping services. We look forward to doing business with you at Portland Car Transport!