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At Portland Car Transport, we strive for the best with our services and with our employees. We are always happy to acquire more professionals to be part of our team. At Portland Car Transport, we want our employees to have a long career with us. So, we only hire the very best candidates.

Once these new employees are on board, we do everything we can to make them feel like they are part of our team. We believe in keeping good relationships within the team. Since Portland Car Transport began as a family based company, we like to continue this mindset in the workplace today. We treat our team as our family, too!

Together, our team drives our company to success. We all do our best to provide customers with top quality car transport services. In doing so, we stand out among other Auto Transport companies!

Our Employees

We only hire the most skilled workers to be part of our team at Portland Car Transport. Since our company continues to grow and expand, we often need to hire new employees. We will even hire someone on the spot if they meet our requirements and we see potential in them!

Driver’s Career

If you have a clean driving record and at least two years of experience, you can become one of our drivers. Also, before joining us, you will have to pass required drug tests and physical exams. Drivers need to be able to handle heavy-duty loading.

Owner Operator’s Career

Another position at Portland Car Transport are our owner operators. If your truck has passed all the DOT level 4 inspections and will pass our inspection, we will be happy to consider you as a part of our team!

Dispatcher’s Career

We require our dispatchers to be familiar with the US map and major highways. In addition, our dispatchers need to be knowledgeable about different types of vehicles, models, and measurements. In addition, they should have some knowledge of the safest routes for drivers.

Shipping Agent’s Career

Our shipping agents/coordinators are required to have great customer service skills. We prefer that our agents have at least two years of experience working in customer service. Some knowledge of logistics is also a plus. Our agents have to be able to multi-task and handle several phone calls at the same time. Shipping agents should have the skills to think quickly and solve each customer’s problem with efficiency.