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Career is one of the most important choices we make in life. What kind of job we have defines us in many ways. Sometimes work can define our whole lifestyle. To get a job that pays and brings satisfaction is a goal for many of us.


If you consider a career in Car Shipping in Portland, you can join our Portland Car Transport team. We expand often so we are always happy to meet new people who want to work with us. If we see that you are a right person to be a part of our crew, we can hire you on the spot!


Career with Portland Car Transport

We are a family based company. We treat our team as our family, too! We want our crew to be happy with their job and feel a part of the family.


Portland Car Transport hires experienced team members. We have following positions:

Driver Career

If you have a clean driving record and at least two years of experience, you can become one of our drivers. Also before joining us, you will have to pass all the needed drug tests. We also require a physical exam to see of you can deal with heavy duty loading.

Owner Operator Career

You can become an owner operator with us. If your truck has passed all the DOT level 4 inspections and will pass our inspection, we will be happy to see you as a part of our team!

Dispatcher Career

We require our dispatchers to know US map and highways, different vehicles and their models. They also have to be aware of the safest routes for drivers.

Shipping Agent Career

Our agents are required to have great customer service skills having at least two years of experience in it. Some knowledge of logistics is also a plus. Our agents have to be able to multi-task and handle several phone calls at the same time.

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