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White House Hails Oregon As Tech Hub For Semiconductors

You are currently viewing White House Hails Oregon As Tech Hub For Semiconductors
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In the United States, now more than ever, there’s a huge influx of good news, given that the economy is on the rise. And what better evidence of this could be true than when the state is receiving millions of dollars from the federal government? All for semiconductors and mass timber loads in the aftermath of the Biden administration as it was announced Monday for when the state can be home to two of 31 technology hubs.

Such hubs extend beyond 32 states and Puerto Rico, given that they can create jobs as the high-paying jobs outside of existing tech centers in other town.

President Joe Biden made it known how much he values the commerce of the United States, as he goes on and on to talk about how he’s investing in America, while also investing in Americans.

Oregon State University leads the charge for the Pacific Northwest Mass Timber Tech Hub or even the Corvallis Microfluidics Tech Hub. Together, these two companies will upend the economy of Oregon as we know it.

To produce semiconductors are definitely going to help out, especially in the arena of supply chains. But it’s not easy doing this work.

Corvallis will be using their staff of 2,500 employees, house research groups and plenty of manhours to contribute to manufacturing semiconductors. Intel, the computer company, has made it known that they are stretching out their chip manufacturing facility to be totally capable of gaining a percentage of the $52 billion semiconductor, to fund for the CHIPS Acting Governor Tina Kotek’s decision to approve $90 million in state funding in the direction of the Intel expansion.

Timber will also be widely mined, given that Oregon has a background of using their natural resources to the best of their ability.

As of writing, the Biden administration has since designated three more tech hubs in the Northwest.

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