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Learn more about what we ship at Portland Car Transport. We do far more than just cars, after all. We can ship any vehicle you need!

Car Transport

Portland Car Transport provides a wide variety of car transportation services. When you choose Portland Car Transport, we provide you with the trust that your car is in safe hands!. We will do everything to make sure the process runs smoothly and effectively for you.

Wherever your car needs to ship, we make it happen! We provide transportation services for all spectrums of auto shipping.

Motorcycle Transport

If you are looking to ship your motorcycle, Portland Car Transport has you covered! We are an industry leader in motorcycle transportation. We ship everything from mopeds, ATVs, golf carts and any other small vehicles.

Van Transport

Driving a van across the country can be a task in and of itself! Don’t bother putting miles on it! We here at Portland Car Transport have all the necessary tools and vehicles to get your van to its destination safely.

Sprinter vans, cargo vans, step vans, passenger vans, and even armored vehicles are all types of vehicles that are what we pride ourselves on transporting!

Truck Transport

Portland Car Transport provides top-notch truck transportation services. We have helped a plethora of companies transport their trucks. We ship all kinds including bucket trucks, box trucks, semi-trucks, sweeper trucks, garbage trucks and even, our favorite, ice cream trucks.

Whatever truck you have wherever it needs to be shipped, we have you covered! We provide all the necessary tools, trailers, and expertise to handle any truck transport needs that you may have.

Trailer Transport

We can transport many types of trailers! From cargo trailers to trailer homes, Portland Car Transport has you covered! Whatever trailer service you may need, we can provide!

We have the right licenses, tools, and equipment to provide you with the highest quality service. Not all companies can handle heavy hauling like this, but we here at Portland Car Transport have it all!

Bus Shipping

Not all shipping companies provide bus transportation services, but we do! It takes a special set of tools and vehicles for a company to ship your bus. We, here at Portland Car Transport, have everything required to make sure your bus makes it to its destination safe and secure.

Boat Shipping

Portland Car Transport doesn’t just provide auto shipping. We can even ship your boat! Need to move your boat to another state? We have you covered! Did you purchase your boat in another state and need it shipped back home? We can do that too!

We can ship your boat anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our team has all the necessary tools and equipment for the boat shipping process! We would love to hear from you!