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Volkswagen ID.Life Concept Is An Electric Mini-SUV To Remember

You are currently viewing Volkswagen ID.Life Concept Is An Electric Mini-SUV To Remember
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Recently, Volkswagen was able to show off its latest creation. A mini-SUV for the ages. It’s capable of an electric powertrain. The vehicle itself was on display at the 2021 Munich Auto Show.

The ID.Life is also a preview of the upcoming ID.3 hatchback and the ID.4 compact crossover. From Volkswagen’s global lineup.

The car itself is capable of 231-horsepower when it comes to the electric motor drive. It’s powerful thanks to a 57.0 kilowatt hours battery pack that can deliver more than 249 miles of driving per charge on the European WLTP cycle.

And certainly, the ID.Life is a good introduction for Volkswagen and their range of ID electric SUVs.

The fascinating thing about the Volkswagen ID.Life has a roof that is made to accentuate the experience. It has a textile/plastic material, which is removable enough to give an open-top driving experience.

Additionally, the roof and other parts are made from recyclable plastic bottles as well as natural rubber and wood chips and rice husks. The Volkswagen company believes that the ID.Life has a cabin cozy enough to be given a space to watch a movie or play games.

The steering wheel has a pleasant digital display screen that is in the shape of a hexagon. Furthermore, the ID.Life utilizes cameras and small displays. The ID.Life is meant to allow for Volkswagen a proper entry for it’s share of Electric vehicles to rise to seventy percent within Europe by 2030.

The vehicle itself is looking to appeal to Europeans first, at a price range of about $24,ooo in Europe.

Likely, Volkswagen will be inviting a whole slew of new buyers to the Electric Vehicles marketplace.

The concept of this SUV-like vehicle is both amazing and disturbing. Chances are, while all electric vehicle Volkswagen models wil emigrate to North America and China by 2030, the ID.Life is yet to be known as an All-American alternative.

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