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Truck Crashed Caused Fire Near St John’s Bridge

You are currently viewing Truck Crashed Caused Fire Near St John’s Bridge
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The St. John’s Bridge was shut down after a semi-truck crashed not far from Portland railroad yard causing tanker explosions. The black smoke was visible for miles. The crash was fetal for a truck driver, the police said.


Firefighters got a call about 8:45 AM on Sunday and were sent to the area nearby US 30, just south of the location of the St. John’s Bridge.


The highway was closed and the people from the businesses in the area were evacuated. They also had to cancel a half-marathon race.


The fire started when the truck, that was carrying a fuel product, crashed. Fuel leaked underneath the train cars parked nearby. Eight of the train cars that contained asphalt were damaged, but the railway lines were not affected.


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  1. David Miller

    Wow, that is amazing. I really hope that I never have to experience something like this in my lifetime. Prayers to all those that are involved!

  2. Shalonda Gordon

    We always know that Semi’s can take out a load of stuff when they crash.. yet this is one of those situations where you look and think.. wow.. only 1 fatality. Looks like it could have been worse. I’ve never visited the St John’s Bridge.. yet the picture above looks gorgeous.. Hope that every one is safe in that area.. Thank you for sharing this information.. keep smiling

  3. Patrick Kearney

    What a very unfortunate accident. Thoughts and prayers to the family of the victim and to those affected. Was the driver unfamiliar with the area or tired?

  4. Freddy McConnel

    So sorry to hear this. Being on the road so much is dangerous by it’s very nature.

  5. Eurekajean

    There are a few things in life that are deal breakers for me. Top three: bridges. Planes. And explosions. And explosions near bridges- oh good Lord. Frightening. My heart goes out to those affected by this.

    This is why I tell people, mistakes do happen. But some mistakes just should not ever happen. Especially ones that cost a life(or lives).

    Thank you for posting this.

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