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Toyota Supra gets Exciting New Features and a Few Price Reductions

You are currently viewing Toyota Supra gets Exciting New Features and a Few Price Reductions
Toyota Supra gets some price reductions and great price reductions
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Toyota Supra 2022 is still offered with four or six cylinders. Though the pricing information is still out. Actually, the coupe is entering the 2022 model year. It will have a handful of new features across the board. Plus a new limited-edition model – A91-Carbon Fiber. Also, a less range-topping model.

Toyota Supra -Exterior Body Parts and More

There is important news for 2022 is the A91-Carbon Fiber which was unveiled back in June 2021. Thereby, it is limited to 600 units, however, it does stand out with a carbon fiber body kit. It does include a front splitter, rocker panels, and a duckbill spoiler on the trunk lid. Moreover, it does feature 19-inch wheels that are painting flat black and an edition-specific red and black interior. It has leather and Alcantara upholstery. Moreover, it does cost $64,305 which includes a mandatory $1,025 destination charge. This is a figure that does make it the most expensive member of the 2022 Supra lineup which is up by a relatively large margin.

Toyota Supra – Latest New Features

Also, the rest of the range does receive a handful of minor changes, which is not surprising considering that 2021 has many new features which do include a powerful six-cylinder engine and an entry-level four. Also, the base 3.0 now does come standard with heated seats. Plus, the 3.0 Premium trim can then be configuring with a red leather interior. Plus, the models do come equipped with a premium sound system. It does now boast full-screen Apple CarPlay compatibility. Finally, every 2022 Supra does come with a one-year membership to the National Auto Sport Association. It does include a free High Performance Driving Event. That is where owners can thus learn how to handle their car at the limit from professional instructors.

The consumer should plan on spending $44,315 that including a $1,025 destination charge for the four-cylinder-powered Supra. It is offering in one trim level. At $5, 665 is the base six-cylinder model cost. It is $55,815 is what the Premium trim starts at. Also, for context, the 2021 models were, in fact, also priced at $44,085, $52,085, and $55,585, respectively. It would include a destination charge that is pegged at $995. Moreover, it is interesting too, in fact, note that the Premium trim is really cheaper in 2022 than it was in 2021. It is really uncommon in an industry where there were annual increases, not decreases, are the standard.

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