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The 5 WORST Things About Living in Portland

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Even though Portland has many merits both for the residents and tourists, there are 5 things that people hate about Portland.

Driving in Portland

Allstate Insurance has recently ranked Portland’s Bridge City’s motorists among the country’s worst.

Additionally, the city lacks any bridge that will make the drivers’ life easy. The Ross Island Bridge or the Hawthorne Bridge are not drivable.

Traffic on Highway 26 never ends. The city streets are jam-packed everywhere because there are large portions of Portland with no freeway at all. These streets through downtown are a constant stream of polluting cars.

Smoke-filled skies in summer

Insufferably high temperature brings huge clouds of wildfire smoke. The area is always subject to severe impacts from summer hear from mid-July until Late September. Once considered clean, Portland is now one of the world’s dirtiest cities.

Water contamination

The water has been contaminated in the local reservoirs for unknown reasons. The original contamination source is never knowns. But the authorities frequently issue boil alerts.

Lack of diversity

Portland is known as “the whitest major city in America”. It seems like the city constantly initiates quick protests and demonstrations, block freeways and set stuff on fire. One can frequently see quarreling demonstrators who go out to the street all in the name of “Black Lives Matter”. However, there are barely any black people there.

Gangs and shootings

The city has many areas which have the highest number of shootings occurring. Murders and robberies happen mostly in North East Portland. Most murders come from North and North East communities where African Americans mainly live.


Oregon has 8th highest unemployment rate. There are not many options for various occupations such as lawyers, doctors, accountants. For that reason, Portland got its stereotype as a home to jobless college grads.


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