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Tesla Model 3: A Tesla You Can Afford!

You are currently viewing Tesla Model 3: A Tesla You Can Afford!
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Tesla’s are both beautiful and efficient cars, but the price tag can cause a lot of people to shy away. So, how about the best of both worlds? Well, Tesla has finally released an affordable car for the lot of us! The new Tesla Model 3 has arrived.

At $35,000 this reasonably priced Tesla is an exciting release! On their website, Tesla establishes that the new vehicle comes to about $24,450 with tax and gas savings. Before this car the Tesla Model 3 was announced, the cheapest car that was on the company’s website was $42,000. There are some advanced models of the car that run a little more expensive, but overall, it’s generally cheaper. The company released an official tweet about the car to establish its costs before incentives. Thus, driving incentive up to buy the car.

The new model has a 220-mile range. In addition, it includes an all glass roof while previous models had a metal roof. Unfortunately, the newer cars will not have power seats, so the more expensive cars have a nicer interior.

So what changes?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, remarked on how difficult this achievement was for him. Making an affordable electric car was a challenge. So, was the CEO happy about his release? Musk acknowledges that the car was a first step in releasing more cost-effective cars. He also stated that there will be more budget friendly Teslas in the future. Sadly, for those of us looking for a good price, that won’t be for at least another three years.

With this new achievement, the company also changed the car ordering style. Now, all new car sales will be done through the website. Rather than having more Tesla showrooms, this keeps the cost low. On this, if you aren’t satisfied with your car after a week you can return it.

So, what do you think about Tesla’s new style? Do you approve of the Tesla Model 3?

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