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Rivian Makes Patent Application For “K-Turn” Allowing Tight Movement

You are currently viewing Rivian Makes Patent Application For “K-Turn” Allowing Tight Movement
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Rivian has decidedly created a deal from the “tank turn” ability of the electric vehicles. With four motors, each one powering a different wheel, it is able to spin the electric vehicle around in one spot by spinning wheels from either way of the vehicle through opposite directions. This likely is an answer in response to GMC’s Hummer EV. That car is given an ability to “crab-walk” so to speak. This allows for a chance to let “K-turns” occur without much worry.

There in the vehicle is an ability to have hold of each wheel on an individual level. The K-Turn is able to hold each of the rear wheels to allow the vehicle to pivot around. This therefore will reduce the turning radius of the vehicle very easily. When you aren’t understanding of what a K-Turn is, it;’se basically a Koiogran turn. In other words, a difficult maneuver in which you can follow an aircraft through a dogfight. For cars, a “K-Turn” may very well be solely associated with Rivian. This is via a patent application that outlines a method for the company and their electric vehicles to allow for drivers tighter turn radii.

It’s not yet obvious that this can appear on the docket but one can easily tell that the Rivian R1T and the R1S are certainly going to benefit in some way, shape or form.

This is because of the tank turn. In which the wheels are able to rotate on either side through opposite directions. This deploys from several separate propulsion sources in each a different way. Rather than locating the center of the circle at the midpoint, a K-turn is only happening when a substantial steering angle is likely. Forward torque is given for the front wheels, no matter how angled. The inner back wheel is also held in place. This is a pretty big development when you really think about it.

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