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Reachnow Services Expand in Portland Oregon

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Reachnow services have expanded to Portland Oregon. It’s a service that allows consumers to request a ride and is based on per minute pricing. As long as the ride is within the network, you can pick up the car and drop it off within the Reachnow “home area”. The car can be driven out of the area, as long as the ride starts and finishes in the area.

To start, Reachnow services in Portland is offering 260 cars. They are split between the BMW 3 series, the Mini Clubman as well as the Mini Hardtop Coupe. The collection will expand later in the year. This expansion will include the BMW i3 EV and the X1 crossover. Within the year, the program will widen its Home Area to supply additional customers.

Price and Rates

For a limited time, Portland residents can waive the $39 lifetime membership fee. With that being said, residents can sign up during a set promotional period to lower drive time costs. The price will be reduced from 49 cents to 41 cents per minute. But, the amount of time spent parked will stay at a steady rate of 30 cents. The prices listed above include insurance, fuel, and also public meter parking around the home area.

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