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Protests In Portland Reach 30th Day

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Portland – Protests are continuing to show support for police reform throughout the state. More than 1-month after the death of George Floyd a black man who was killed in police custody.

Protesters will meet this evening, Friday, June 26th. Organizer, Rose City Justice has organized rallies across the city as well as the state in order to bring justice to police brutality and the racial targeting of POC. Their protests are bringing together thousands of people who feel that current law enforcement has too much power.

Last night, Thursday revealed one of the most volatile moments throughout Portland’s cry for reform.

Police continue to use suppression tactics against peaceful protesters while looters and rioters freely roam the streets.

Tear gas and rubber bullets are continuously being used to silence those who wish to speak out against the very violence being used to detain them.

Anti- Protests: Patrons Fall Short Of Justification

Stephen Stoddard of Portand, had this to say:

“If they don’t commit a crime, then their isn’t a necessity to use violence.”

That remark has been echoing throughout anti-protesters for quite some time. Unfortunately, for the case of Breonna Taylor, 26, who was sleeping when officers who weren’t in uniform broke into her house. Her boyfriend, under the assumption of robbery, defended themselves. Officers shot and killed both. The officers who are responsible are not receiving jail-time.

Police reform is currently under legislation under Portland’s government. With issues stemming from systemic racism, to the massive funding police receive which could go to better avenues, the state is starting to listen to the public. As for how long the city plans to continue with this forward thinking approach, time will tell.

The events are showing a drastic need for police reform. From the unlawful apprehension of George Floyd to the murder of Breonna Taylor.

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