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Portland man drowns in Washougal River

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PORTLAND, OR. – A Portland man has died after drowning in the Washougal River. According to the Clark County Sheriff’s office, the incident happened Saturday afternoon.

Authorities report the man likely slipped out of his inner tube and drowned in the river. Earlier reports claimed the man was missing.

The Portland Police Department identified the victim as 30-year-old Stephen Barnaby. Barnaby was about to turn 31.

The victim’s mother, Linda Barnaby, told reporters her son was funny, kind, and compassionate. Furthermore, she added that he was a graduate of Centennial High School. Additionally, she said in an email to the press, “While every mother will say her son was a great kid – I believe he really was. This has left a huge hole in a lot of hearts.”

Meanwhile, police found and rescued a 28-year-old woman named Emily McCauley from Portland. Officials saw a woman clinging to debris and screaming for help. This occurred around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday evening.

The woman lost consciousness. However, first responders revived her at the hospital.

Deputies believe the two people were floating in their own inner tubes. Then, they were sucked into rapids. This led to them being tossed into the water.

The woman reported to officials that she and Barnaby were floating at milepost 8, known as the “big eddy”.

Police said Barnaby was missing. His body was eventually found.

Local resident Bob Morgan said, “It’s steep and has lots of rocks, It’s just not a navigable place. If someone tries to go through on an inner tube or raft, it can be very dangerous.”

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