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Portland Man Charged with Deadly August Fire

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PORTLAND, OR – A Portland man was charged with igniting a massive fire in Northeast Portland in August. The massive fire spread quickly and burned two businesses, destroyed 50 vehicles, and torched more than three acres of brush.

Furthermore, the Portland Police Department was able to arrest 39-year-old Allen Singerhouse when he admitted to igniting several fires around Portland, three to be exact.

Police charged him with three counts of first-degree arson and a court hearing on Dec. 3.

In addition to this, the fire grew to a four-alarm fire and has caused more than millions of property damage as well as multiple evacuations in nearby neighborhoods.

The Portland fire began on Aug. 26, after rescue crews responded to a burning building that once housed a boxing athletic club. Other damages included an outdoor BMX park, apartment units, and five family townhomes.

Shortly after the tragic incident, Singerhouse has admitted to starting a dumpster fire near Concordia University located in Northeast Portland along will several other smaller fires caught by surveillance cameras.

Although, police were not able to find the probable cause nor a motif for Singerhouse starting the fires they did, however, searched his home and found clothing that was identical to the person shown on the surveillance cameras.

They were also able to find several lighter fluids in his home along with two glass pipes believe to be used for meth. Though police were not able to determine if Singerhouse was under the influence when he started the fires.

Singerhouse was not able to give a reasonable explanation as to why he was seen on surveillance near the fires. Although he told police that the August fire was lit intentionally then drove off when the fire became uncontrollable.

He is currently booked in Multnomah County Jail on a $1,260,000 bond.

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