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Portland is Among Hottest Cities for Women-Led Startups

You are currently viewing Portland is Among Hottest Cities for Women-Led Startups
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Portland, Oregon – Portland is one of the hottest cities for women-led startups.

Besides being home for hipsters of West Coast, Portland is very business friendly.

Basically, it has all it takes to get your business off the ground. Due to a diverse economy, loyal-to-local consumers, and a range of entrepreneurial training programs offered by colleges and universities, it also sets a friendly environment for entrepreneurs, both male and female.

The company founded and owned by female entrepreneurs Carrie Atkinson and Rojo the LIama, takes pride in making socks (and underwear) with funky designs and outlandish colors.

The company named ‘’Sock it to me’’ has a team of 40, and had 60% growth in three years.

Portland is not left behind in the world of enterprise IT.  Since 1996 Opus Interactive offers everything from cloud computing to disaster recovery, Web Hosting, and custom IT solutions. It started from a meeting of three founding members in the IT department of a creative agency in 1996.

One of the leading female-owned companies in Portland provides FDA-approved wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, and other skin rejuvenation treatments to the greater Portland area. Skin by lovely has raised its rating since 2014 and climbed 759 spots.

As you see, Portland has entrepreneurial opportunities in all fields, from IT to the beauty industry. And we will see this list growing in the future.




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