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Open Shipping Security Measures We Take to Keep Your Car Safe

You are currently viewing Open Shipping Security Measures We Take to Keep Your Car Safe
We'll keep your car completely safe during the transport process.
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When it comes to open car transport, Portland Car Transport is number one. We maintain that reputation by ensuring the complete security of all vehicles that people give us. After all, no one wants to hand their car over to a hauler who won’t take care of it! But what security measures does our open shipping team take? We’ll let you in on some of the trade secrets that we use to keep your car in mint condition.

We use heavy-duty straps to secure your vehicle.

The most important thing that a car shipper can do for your car is secure it properly. You never know what you’ll encounter out on the road, and if your car isn’t properly secured, it could jostle around and damage itself or other cars. That’s why our team uses only heavy-duty straps to completely secure your car. Not only do these ensure that your car won’t move around during transport, but they also won’t damage it in the slightest.

Open shipping security often comes down to planning.

Let’s be honest: the thing that most people worry about when it comes to open shipping is the weather. They wonder about things like extreme wind kicking up dust or hail cracking their windshield. People aren’t wrong to worry about this. However, they’re wrong if they think our team won’t plan ahead so this doesn’t happen! Our team only schedules shipments that we’re sure we can keep safe. We’ll make sure to plan your shipment around any inclement weather so it can’t damage your car in any way.

Don’t worry about monitoring, either.

When people think about car transport security, they mostly think about their car’s safety while it’s actually on the road. However, chances are that your car hauler will have to stop somewhere along the way for gas, food, or rest. When this happens, your car could become the target of thieves or vandals. That is, unless you chose Portland Car Transport! Our drivers know to park in well-lit and secure places. We make sure that our drivers always keep an eye on their cars when they stop. On top of that, they’ll check their cars before they leave, ensuring that if something does happen, we’ll know when and where.

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