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New Socially Distanced Venue to host Waterfront Blues Festival

You are currently viewing New Socially Distanced Venue to host Waterfront Blues Festival
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Socially Distanced Venue that is outdoors is being creating at The Lot at Zidel Yards. The former shipyard is converting for this purpose. It is located at the South waterfront between Tilikum Crossing and Ross Island bridges. The Waterfront Blues Festival is a go this summer. Unfortunately, it was canceling last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, this annual festival will have a new home in 2021. It will allow for much smaller crowds. One can say it’s better than nothing and no live music for people to see. It wouldn’t be one you can be around other people with and mix and mingle freely. That’s a tragedy and part of “The New Normal.”

Socially Distanced Events Bringing Them Back Safely!

Moreover, Portland, Oregon is planning fuller events for space. They are not too far from Waterfront Park. That is where the blues fest is typically holding.

“We want to bring back events safely and that is goal of our project,” said Christina Fuller of Fuller Events. “Events will look different. We are building out a socially distant outdoor performance venue.”

Pods of Space – Can People be More Far Apart?

The venue show has renderings of what “different” looks like. There are pods of space. They are setting apart for small groups to gather.

“Sharing the experience of the moment of the live music or the charity auction or the festival yet with the right spacing and the comfort of being around people that you decide to be around,” said Fuller.

In fact, no strangers to Portland’s biggest events are Fuller and her husband Tyler.

The Goal of 2021

Making big events go off smoothly, from the Waterfront Blues Festival to the Rose Festival, Hood to Coast and more. In 2021, the goal is to get some of what the pandemic took away from event goers and those who work in the industry.

The Lot at Zidell Yards’ plan is to have food service, a stage for performers and a huge 16-by-30-foot LED screen to highlight live shows or show movies.

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