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Mercedes-AMG Presents Brand-New CLE53 Cabriolet For 2025

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When you see a convertible car, it often comes from a model that’s also available as a coupe. The latest from Mercedes-AMG is no different. This new CLE53 cabriolet will be at U.S. car dealerships later this year, and many things about it are similar to the coupe.

Mercedes has a special way of naming their powerful engines, and they’ve given two different engines the “53” name. The CLE53 cabriolet gets the slightly less powerful one. It has a 443-horsepower engine with a special feature called an e-supercharger, which helps it go faster. This car also has a little extra electric power to help it start and provide extra strength, but it doesn’t run on electricity alone, unlike some other Mercedes models. The engine is connected to a special kind of automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive comes standard.

Just like the coupe, the CLE53 cabriolet is wider than the regular version of the car.

It looks more aggressive, with a bigger grille at the front and larger openings for air. But some of the vents on the car are just for show and don’t do much. The car’s suspension is a little softer than the coupe’s, but it still handles well. There are some extra features you can choose, like a special mode for starting quickly and even a mode for drifting, although that might mess up your hair!

The convertible top can be black, red, or gray and helps keep the inside of the car quiet. You can put the top up or down while driving slowly. There’s also a special wind blocker that comes up behind the back seats and a system to keep your neck warm when the top is down. One cool thing about this car is that you can move the big screen in the middle of the dashboard to make it easier to see with the top down. The seats are made of leather that won’t get too hot in the sun.

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