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Mayor Ted Wheeler On The Ropes: Citizens Seek Recall

You are currently viewing Mayor Ted Wheeler On The Ropes: Citizens Seek Recall
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In our city, specifically over at Irving Park, there are petitioners that are asking the general public something important. If they would like to recall the terrible activities that comes from Mayor Ted Wheeler. This is certainly in the wake of his mismanaging of several instances in the past year, including the safety and enjoyment of continuing economy in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention the failure of appropriate action during the Black Lives Matters protests. This being in the wake of George Floyd and his fate being wrongly definitive, according to Derek Chauvin. To make matters worse, the wildfire season hit Oregon as a whole pretty terribly and it just hasn’t been made into a positive turn of events, no thanks to Mayor Wheeler.

The movement, Total Recall PDX, is establishing the movement the Portlanders have in deciding to remove Ted Wheeler from City Hall. It’s not much longer either. People in this city have until September 29th in order to collect a total of 48,000 signatures in order for there to be a chance-worthy opportunity to remove Ted Wheeler.

Ted Wheeler is especially not cutting the jib with George Middle School Library Employee Melissa Blount.

She felt happy to throw this whole thing together. Because she didn’t like the way that Mayor Wheeler let his policies hit young people so hard.

An excerpt of the 200-word petition made mentions that the town deserves a mayor who’s elected on merit. Better that than someone who instead of “illegally loaning his campaign $150,000 of his personal money.”

Should the signatures be capable of a group interest strong enough to put on paper, that would be good. There would be a special election to let voters decide to recall Mayor Wheeler or perhaps not.

Total Recall PDX is collecting signatures and giving away merchandise to promote the idea of recalling Wheeler.

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