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Man Involved In Car Crash Admits to Murdering a Woman

You are currently viewing Man Involved In Car Crash Admits to Murdering a Woman
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A horrific story unfolded in Washington and Milwaukee an investigation on Monday. Police responded to a crash on the I-5 in Washington.  A man crashed his car into a barrier on the northbound side of the I-5 milepost 15. When deputies responded to the crash, the man admitted to murdering a woman.

Deputies were sent to his house in Milwaukee near the corner of Southeast River Rd where while searching the residence they found the body of a woman, who had been murdered. The woman was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound.

The man was suspected of being under the influence while driving; therefore, he was taken to the hospital for testing. The suspect was alone in the vehicle when it crashed.

No names or other information about the identity of the suspect and victim have not been released. There is no apparent information about the relationship between the victim and suspect if there is a relationship present.


We hope to get some more answers soon.

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