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Man Attacked for Exercising Rights!

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PORTLAND, OR – A man was attacked by two fifteen-year old boys when he asked them to turn down the music they were listening to, in public. This man, riding on the MAX train, asked the two boys to turn down their music, and it resulted in a broken jaw and a missing tooth.

This man, Robert Valentino, was riding the MAX train with his ten-year-old daughter and his wife on December 27, 2018. When the teens arrived on the train, they were already listening to loud music on a speaker. After the man asked the teens to turn down the music, one boy did. Soon the same teen raised the volume once again, even louder. After that, the same boy began assaulting the man and pushing the speaker in his face.

When Valentino threatened to take the speaker away, he was repeatedly punched in both the head and body. The teens began brutally attacking Valentino. Shortly after, the teens got off the bus while fellow passenger then called 911. When the police arrived, past the Northeast 60th Ave, they use the footage to identify the attackers. The two teens were Marquavious Ware and Jerimiah Hannon.

As of now, the two teens were accused of second-, third- and fourth-degree assault and interfering with public transportation. Ware also confessed to punching Valentino in the face multiple times after the charge was filed.  It is still not on public record if the two teens are remorseful or if they had any substances in their system.

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  1. DUI Denver

    It is quite sad what happened with Mr. Valentino. It is very important to know the laws and our rights whenever situation like this arises. I hope victims will get justice and the suspects get what they deserve.

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