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Love’s Brings 80 Truck Parking Spaces To Oregon

You are currently viewing Love’s Brings 80 Truck Parking Spaces To Oregon
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The popular truck stop company, Love’s, has just made supremely huge news as of recent. They’ve made a new travel stop to be accessible by truckers in Oregon. It’s location? Right off of Highway 97.

There’s plenty of amenities to go around when it comes to going to Love’s. There’s still plenty of things that you have to know about trucking in order to be the most worthy. The most worthy of love at Love’s that is.

Such amenities include eighty-two different truck parking spaces, six diesel bays, five showers, a dog park, a CAT Scale, a laundromat and even an Arby’s restaurant! So that q

Just remember… Love’s Loves You!

Tim Love, the man who founded the whole enchilada, says this about the brand as of recent: “This location will provide customers a clean and well-stocked and maintained place to stop, before our team members get them back on the road safely and quickly.”

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores dot all over the North American continent. Or at least, it did before. Since 1964, the company has been operating about five-hundread thirty locations in at least forty-one states.

This is all part of the expansion pack that Love’s is planning. Only not too long ago, an announcement came about that forty more locations would open nation wide, considering the 3,000 new truck parking lots that will soon be in store.

I think this is great news for Truckers. Because essentially this is proving that all of their prowess and skill is worthy to be of high reward. Wouldn’t you try to agree? I know I would. had I been in the shoes of Tim Love.

This will definitely put more sleepy or disoriented truckers at ease, being that a little break never hurt anybody who actually does matter. Find a Love’s near you today.

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