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Leave the Cold Behind with Snowbird Transportation

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Don't leave your car behind to be buried in the snow!
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Here at Portland Car Transport, we offer a variety of car transportation services. Of the many, one of the best we offer is snowbird transport. You may be wondering, “What even is snowbird transport?” You have come to the right place for an answer, we are here to explain it to you!

Snowbird transport is a form of auto transport done when a person moves from a colder environment to a warmer one for the winter season.

For example, do you know how any fellow Portlanders who maybe move south to California for the winter just to come back to Portland in the spring? They would be an example of a snowbird! The key factor to snowbird moving is that it is not a permanent move. They will always go back to where they originally came from once the chilly weather has passed.

Oftentimes snowbird relocation is something done annually for individuals and families. On a yearly basis, people will make this weather-based move. For these routine moves, we highly recommend finding a shipping company you trust to help make your yearly move go smoothly by shipping your car for you. At Portland Car Transport, we will gladly help drive anyone’s journey more smoothly with our top-of-the-line service!

For snowbirds, getting your car to your winter home can sometimes be a big struggle. That is why it is important to look at your options with regard to how you will get your car to you, such as our snowbird transport. With our services, you will be able to have your own car picked up and delivered according to your schedule and have your vehicle dropped off right at your door!

When you get to your temporary winter home, you may think of just renting a car. The thing is, renting a car can be ridiculously expensive and not worthwhile. The other possibility is, during the big move, you drive your car to the temporary home. But, driving your car yourself is a big pain when you already have the stress of the rest of the move hanging over your head. That is why you should let us take the wheel and ship your car for you!

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