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Juneteenth is Recognized as Official Holiday by State Senate

You are currently viewing Juneteenth is Recognized as Official Holiday by State Senate
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Juneteenth has been recognizing by our state who voted unanimously Tuesday recognizing the Emancipation Proclamation, as a state holiday every June 19, starting in 2022.

Juneteenth Recognizes Enslaved People

On June 19, 1865, the holiday commemorates enslaving people in Galveston, Texas. President Abraham Lincoln had freed people held in bondage in rebel states two years earlier. Moreover, The passage of the bill, earlier this year was introducing by Oregon Governor Kate Brown, earlier this year. In fact, it falls on the same day as the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Moreover, that was when hundreds of Black residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma were attacking or killing by a white mob.

“In fact, with House Bill 2168, we can learn from another time,” said Sen. Lew Frederick said in a statement released by Oregon Senate Democrats. “In real-time, we can change the future now. Now, we can work towards equality. This is even without a declaration or official holiday. Therefore, we must. Thus celebrating Juneteenth will help each of us remember all that we can. In fact, we must more do more to ensure a just future.”

The bill went back to the house for consideration of Senate amendments. This was after House Bill 2168 had passed the Senate on Tuesday. In fact, Governor Kate Brown will sign the bill into law.

An Education in System Racism

“This is a small, yet significant step. Join in by observing Juneteenth. Thus to encourage all Oregonians by learning about on system racism in this country. Also to get involved in the fight for racial justice,” Brown said last year about the introduction of the bill to thereby make the day a holiday.

Juneteenth was recognized in 2001 by the state of Oregon. But on June 19th, it will become a legal holiday in the state next year.


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