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Infiniti Draws Buyers Indoors With a New QX80

You are currently viewing Infiniti Draws Buyers Indoors With a New QX80
Infiniti Captivates With Refreshed Interior
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Infiniti QX80 does enjoy a refreshed interior though the car is carrying over from the previous model year. While this interior is updating. The QX80 takes all of its new bits directly from the Nissan. For Infiniti’s sake, the Armada’s new interior is nice enough that it is largely acceptable in the more luxurious QX80. It does also feature a new, high-res touchscreen. Plus flashy plastics. Also a simple layout and vital technology like a wireless phone charge, USB-C port, and the wireless Apple CarPlay. The Android Auto does remain a wired-only affair.

Infiniti QX80 Interior Design

Also, the new look of this tall and really vast center stack does not jive exactly perfectly with the QX80’s graceful, rounded interior design. Plus, the interior is updating and the rest is left to carry over. There are straight, strong lines that dominate the center stack. It is complementing by rectangular vents. Also, the rounded wood trim does flow out of the center stack in a stark manner that makes the interior look like two different designers are working on it separately. Plus, they had their work combined. 

Also, functionally, the new parts of the interior are really good. Plus, the new single touchscreen and its supporting user interface is a welcome update over the old dual-screen infotainment system. It is found in other Infinitis. Moreover, the large, width-oriented, and mounting higher for easy viewing. It is plus the presence of supporting physical knobs and buttons which make the vital controls easy to use and adjust. Also, the odd storage compartment in the dash houses the wireless phone charger. Also, the 12V outlet is hiding in there alongside it. Yet it didn’t charge our phones quickly. Moreover, the phone’s movement on the mat would, in fact, sometimes cause it to stop charging altogether. Also, surprisingly, the QX80 is fitting with a camera rearview mirror. With all the rows and the third-row headrests up, visibility rearward is really enhancing by this feature. 

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