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High Schools Converted To Truck Stops

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High Schools across the country are opening their doors and amenities for truck drivers. Right now, the trucking industry is facing some massive hurdles. From a lack of skilled drivers entering the workforce, shelves and prescriptions being left unfilled at stores and pharmacies and public rest stop closing down everywhere. Driver drivers are pushing forward through long hours, limited rest areas and limited supplies.

Portland High Schools are Opening Their Doors To Truck Drivers

In recent news, the city of Portland’s school system has opened its doors for truckers to receive amenities and rest. With countless federal rest stopes closing or out of the essential necessities to continue, it only adds to the surmountable issues that truck drivers are facing during this pandemic. Not only is the Portland school system moving in this direction, but other schools across the country are following suit.

For many high schools being able to convert their areas into rest stops for truckers is important. While many are closing due to the spread of COVID-19, they have found a new use in assisting the backbone of the US. They recognize that without truck drivers making the essential deliveries, worse things will happen. If we lose truck drivers, we lose everything.

Truckers Are Necessary

The trucking industry has seen a downturn in skilled drivers entering the workforce. With so many open slots to fill, many truckers who are currently driving are working extensive hours in order to make up for the lack of help. Standards have been dropped such as the 8-hour day and inspection season has been pushed back to June. These have all been necessary to keep truck drivers on the road and continuing to fill supermarkets and retail stores throughout the US.

Registrations and Authorities

For many owner-operators and fleet managers, the stress of making sure the proper registrations and authorities are warranted. For owners, they can still obtain these, it may simply take longer to file. With so many operations out of service, public service offices across the country are getting backlogged in their work. They are tirelessly working to fulfill the need for owner-operators and fleet managers.

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