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GMC’s Hummer EV Is An Impressive SUV

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The Hummer is as always the go-to car for anyone who states they get “high on life.” It’s an SUV that keeps up with the trend of providing electric vehicles with the strength that they need. The Hummer by GMC is looking very mighty as it provides so many new features for 2024 that you may have not seen before since they brought back the SUV into this new age of electric vehicles.

What is great about the new Hummer EV?

Currently the Hummer pickup weighs in at a total of 9640 pounds. That’s to say that it’s almost too heavy for ordinary car scales. GMC is certain however that the SUV they have isn’t quite as heavy. But history tells us that Hummers are traditionally and notoriously some of the chunkiest cars out there on the market today. Of course there is a need for second thoughts when it comes to driving the Hummers across certain structures. For example, who really thinks a Hummer belongs on a bridge? That’s like to say you should go to a Pizza Hut to order salad.

Now, if you were talking to GMC, they would be able to affirm to you that the Hummer weighs a lot less than it used to before the transition into electric powertrains. In other words? The weight loss is primarily derived from that of the vehicle using a lesser battery pack now. Dial in the extra for battery modules and you can see it is now only using 20 of those modules packed underneath the floor of the car. When noticing the low mass, it leads one to believe that there is a stability about the Hummer that gives the buyer confidence in the ride that they will endure. Or I suppose some people will need to wait for an EPA rating when we can already tell that the battery pack of 177.3 kWh will at the very least be able to get you 250 miles on one charge, huh?

But what about Level 2 Hookups?

When noticing a level two hookup it’s obvious that the Hummer EV SUV will be able to clearly and precisely recharge itself up to 19.2 kW. Should you choose to charge with a direct current fast charger instead, the Hummer is certain to produce about 300 kW with about 270 kW for 10 minutes in an average of 182 kW throughout a 30 minute period.

Hopeful as ever, GMC is looking forward to seeing 100 mile gain of range within a 14 minute charge even. But then we come to the next obvious choice being a supplied home cord that could electrically charge the vehicle up to 7.7 kW if it is configured with an exchangeable 240-volt NEMA 14 to 50 plug end.

The Hummer itself will also be able to share the electricity with other EV‘s for the need of an available accessory cable allowing the flow of electrons throughout a rate of 6.0 kW as it donates around 10 miles an hour to another car.

Regardless of which chassis is selected, air springs are able to offer around 13.0 inches of adjustable travel well clearing up to 15.9 inches in space. Aside from the base model, all the trims of the Hummer EV SUVs will be allowed four wheel steering. With slow speeds and rear ends, the circle of turning for the SUV is specific enough at 35.4 feet when compared to higher speeds; the rear axle steering is able to stabilize the handling as it can even up the tire grip. Which is pretty low. I do not fear a loss of traction, because General Motors always has their SuperCruise capabilities near.

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