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GMC Hummer EV Edition One: Neiman Marcus to Sell One-Off Vehicle

You are currently viewing GMC Hummer EV Edition One: Neiman Marcus to Sell One-Off Vehicle
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GMC Hummer EV Edition One is going to be sold through Neiman Marcus‘ Christmas Book, an annual catalog offered since 1939. The company is known for high-end, luxury, and rare goods sold at its department stores. The very special “fantasy” gifts are propelled upward to another level with this vehicle. The Hummer EVs interior is designed by Craig Jackson. He is the CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auctions. In addition to receiving this custom Hummer EV Edition One, the lucky buyer will also receive an electric charging station, VIP passes for two to the invitation-only Barrett-Jackson Opening Night Gala, and access for two to Carolyn and Craig Jackson’s skybox at the 2022 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. Plus the grand opportunity to receive the Hummer EV Edition One live on the world-famous Barrett-Jackson auction Stage.

GMC Hummer EV Edition One: Something Special

This one-of-one Hummer EV Edition One Pickup at $285,000 is really something special. In fact, the truck is truly amazing as it stands. Inside, the Barrett-Jackson Hummer EV it does feature two-tone leather seats and red anodized metal accents. The center console has the distinction of “Neiman Marcus Exclusive One of One” printed on it just above the shifter.

The Barrett-Jackson logo is in the center of the steering wheel. It has red accents around it. The Neiman Marcus badging can be found on the passenger side of the dashboard. On the headrests, “NM” is stitched. Also, the “Barrett-Jackson” logo is stitched into the seatbacks of those two-tone seats.

On-and-Off Road: Versatile Vehicle

The Hummer EV is meant to be both on- and off-road. Plus it can do both very quickly. The Edition One version of the GMC EV pickup does mean you will get special options like “Watts to Freedom.” It features the full power mode that allows you to reach 60 mph in just three seconds. Also in a CrabWalk mode.

Extreme Off-Road Package

The Hummer EV’s Extreme Off-Road Package includes 35 inch Goodyear Wrangle Territory MT tires on black 18-inch aluminum wheels. There are front e-lockers and rear “virtual” rear lockers, skid plates, ball spline half shafts, and the 18 view camera system that is known as UltraVision.

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