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General Motors Swaps Out Battery Modules In Chevy Bolts

You are currently viewing General Motors Swaps Out Battery Modules In Chevy Bolts
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General Motors is excited to switch out all the battery modules found in some relevant Chevy Bolts to lessen the risk of fire spurring from the engine. This is not old news, as there are more than a dozen battery-related Chevy Bolt fires having occurred all throughout the year. Four happened in July alone. In the past year in November, GM had to issue the beginning recall notice, only for notice to only be allowed to charge their vehicles to 90%. All while the software update was provided shortly after such an enforced restriction. Months later, things stayed quiet, when around April, the ultimate software update fix had been announced, which quickly was followed by an additional fire. Software updates had been slightly enforcing that restriction.

Only on July 25th, about two more fires have occurred, GM has continuously been investigating while refusing to comment at the time of questioning.

Overall, General motors has not been great with public relations. All while LG himself has been terrible with providing the batteries for the Chevy Bolt. General Motors is pushing forward for a totally electric future. The Bolt owners who have been so loyal throughout the whole journey has been left without any information, as plenty more fires have been reported.

LG had to announce a U.S. recall for a couple f their home battery systems. In May, there has been an announcement of a free replacement program that has been ongoing throughout the whole world. All for a variety of units that had been produced between April 2017 and September 2018. Only a couple weeks ago, there was a U.S. Recall for 5 fires, where there was a class action lawsuit against LG launching just only some months ago, which could lead to a systemic battery production problem. General Motors states that two “rare” defects had been during LG’s manufacturing of the Bolt cells, which counts as a systemic problem with LG batteries.

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