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Electric Cars: Gen 1 Release

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Electric cars are the talk of the town. This year will be the first time multiple car manufacturers roll out with their new all-electric line. With the development of the Tesla models, many automakers are jumping into the industry head first. Let’s take a look at what stands out to us.

Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck turned heads when it was revealed at the tail end of 2019. It garnered many thoughts due to its unique unorthodox design. With performance capabilities that compete with big-name trucks like Ford and Chevy, the Tesla Cybertruck has shown that the future of electric is here. For the past decade, many excuses for the use of electric energy were that it did not generate enough power, the Cybertruck proved this wrong.

The Cybertrucks design shocked everyone. From the angular design to the impractical truck bed, you could tell that the designer of this had more “cyber” on the mind. Upon its revealing a few things went wrong. First, the bulletproof glass that was said to withstand a tremendous force shattered when the live test showed that throwing a steel ball will, in fact, shatter it. The second is that for a truck that competes in its size class for “hauling” Tesla’s tests have shown it “towing”. There is a big difference between the practicality of the two. Still, we like that it shows it compete in multiple places. The practicality might not be there, but the show of electric force is something many truck owners can look into.

Tesla Model Y

This will be the last Tesla we talk about in this article. With its more standard design than the “Cybertruck”, the Model Y boasts an impressive 315 miles on one charge. With 14,000 Superchargers across the country, traveling from corner to corner for $0 in gas is easily doable. It maintains a spacious interior and runs off of a dual motor. The crossover can seat 7 adults comfortably which is where we see Tesla’s capacity for “hauling”. It has all-wheel-drive capabilities and takes 15 minutes to charge the battery 158 miles.

Where Tesla has moved into bigger vehicles, other auto manufacturers are just moving into redesigning their electric cars. For those just coming onto the scene here are a few others. Electric cars have now become a staple in the world’s automotive industry.

Volkswagon ID Buzz

The Buzz is the complete redesign of the traditional VW Bus. The VW bus, historically, was the staple in van-life and travel culture among the United States from the ’60s to even today. Well, with a fully redesigned motor that can handle up to 300 horsepower, this little guy has gone from putt-wagon, to “man-van”. With a slightly larger interior and exterior, this van comes with all the amenities, except for the kitchen sink (you can install one easily). The features meet the standard needs for all van-nuts. Removable seats, spacious customizable interior and the ability to turn the seats into a mattress means this guy can go anywhere.

For those that remember the Bus with all of its 75 horsepower, those days are long gone. Welcome to the future of electronic engineering. Not only can you race alongside honda civics, but you are also helping the environment. The ultimate nod to the vans glory days.

GMC Hummer EV

The new Hummer had a lot of people guessing during the Superbowl. When I first saw the launch date announcement I figured it had to do with Tesla ( I lied about mentioning them earlier), boy the look on my face when the big words “HUMMER” stretched across the screen at the end. As I had felt this way, so too did the rest of the party guests. We laughed that Hummer, of all vehicles, would be throwing itself into the ring, but here we are.

A definite challenger for the Cybertruck, the Hummer EV can pump out a whopping 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque and can push 0-60 in 3 seconds. Holy Cow. Big shout out to GMC for this huge surprise. The Hummer, being the king of the road in the gas-guzzling days of the early 2000s, has now completely flipped into the electric car realm. Let’s backtrack on the VW Bus redesign for a second and pull a 180. This thing shouldn’t exist, but it does.

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