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Denso Adds 1.5 Million Fuel Pumps to Recall for Possible Failure

You are currently viewing Denso Adds 1.5 Million Fuel Pumps to Recall for Possible Failure
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Denso Corporation is including more 1.5 million fuel pumps to a previous recall due to a defect. This defect is going to trigger the fuel pumps to stop working. It will most surely inflict a stall or risking a crash.

Fuel Pumps Could Become Deformed and Eventually be Inoperable

Denso, the Japanese auto components provider, this past April recalled greater than 2 million fuel pumps. It was as a result of “an impeller in some low-pressure fuel pumps may become deformed under certain conditions. Therefore, they make the fuel pump inoperable,” according to a NHTSA document.

Unfortunately, Many Automakers Have Bought These Faulty Parts

Automakers including American Honda Motor Co., Ford Motor Co., Subaru of America, Toyota Motor North America and Mitsubishi Motors North America have bought the faulty components for possible use or set up of their autos embody NHTSA said in the recall report. The company is connected with Toyota.

Automakers Make the Final Decision Recall Schedule and Repairs to the Defect

A decision by the automakers as to when the recall schedule and treatment to repair the defect will be decided, NHTSA stated.

Fuel pumps manufactured by Denso included 1.5 million added by Toyota and Lexus automobiles to a large recall introduced in January. There are about 3.34 million automobiles included in the recall. They have overlaying mannequin years from 2013-2020.

The NHTSA will get an Amended Report From Denso

The NHTSA will get an amending report from Denso concerning the low-pressure fuel pumps final week. Moreover, this information comes from a spokeswoman for Denso.

Denso is Working on a Remedy for the Recalls

“In certain instances, and under certain conditions, the fuel pump impellers may absorb fuel, which could lead to reduced operability of the fuel pump,” the spokeswoman stated. Denso has provided a remedy and is working closely with customers who are conducting recall campaigns. Safety is our No. 1 priority.

Denso has stated it has deferred additional remarks in regards to the recall to the automakers.

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