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Critics Wonder why Police Didn’t Stop Chaos: ‘Where’s the Justice?’

You are currently viewing Critics Wonder why Police Didn’t Stop Chaos: ‘Where’s the Justice?’
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Critics were both unsurprised and upset by the latest unchecking criminal activity which was reported in a Pacific Northwest state. It is being called a “normal day” in a liberal-run city that has largely been hamstrung by its police.

Critics Feel Outrage

“There is a crowd of 100 people wreaking havoc in downtown Portland, Oregon. This tragedy includes smashing storefront windows, lighting dumpsters on fire, and causing upwards of $500,000 in damage. However, the police officers didn’t stop them,” It was reporting Tuesday.

“So a normal day in Portland,” a new contributor Guy Benson tweeted.

Critics: Portland is Under Violent Siege

The protestors against police brutality last year were first brought on by the murder of George Floyd. Because of a Minneapolis policeman. Then it was following by other well-known, police-involved deaths and incidents. Portland has weathered over 90 consistent days of unrest during one interval last summer. In addition, there were a number of homicides in Portland that happened this year has surpassed its past annual record of 66 in 1987.

House Bill 2928

With the implementation of House Bill 2928, there is a rise in crime that comes after the city’s implementation. It would prohibit police from using tools like pepper spray and rubber bullets for crowd control. This measure does, however, does grant an exception for when it does appear scenes are getting more heated, and increasing into riots and to, in fact, prevent more violence.

However, of course, the bill does have its critics. Yet Portland Police Sergeant. Kevin Allen has told media that until they get more clarity on the specifics, his officers “will have to follow the most restrictive interpretation of it.”

Moreover, the lawmakers’ move was describing as really dangerous by critics, who did observe the Portland police are now limiting and literally “have their hands tied” in how they can crack down on crime.

“In fact, where were the social workers?” Stephen Miller did quip in response.

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