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Classic Car Auction Coming To Portland

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It is time for classic car lovers in Portland to get excited as Mecum Auctions bring their classic cars to the Portland Expo Center next weekend, June 17-18.

Approximately 600 cars, including hot rods, muscle cars and other types of classic cars, will be displayed. Dana Mecum, president of Mecum Auctions, says the company is happy to celebrate great car collector heritage of Portland.

Portland has always demonstrated passion for cars and their history and love for car collecting traditions. It can be seen at events like the Portland Automotive Swamp Meet and the Portland Roadster Show and local attractions, such as the famous World of Speed Museum.

The auction event is open to the general public with $30 admission cost per day. Bidders can register for $100 prior the even or $200 at the auction. The admission is free for children of 12 and younger. Sellers can check in June 15-16, 8AM-6PM.

Auction gates open at 8AM daily and the auction starts at 10AM.

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  1. Cathleen Berry

    Classic cars are one of the best cars to have in your home and ALAS classic car auction is coming to portland, Portland Car Transport are the ones bringing this great auction to portland. thank you guys, CLASSIC CAR ROCKS.

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