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Car Moving

Car moving services are great to use when you need assistance moving your vehicle from one location to another. These services help you focus on the other aspects of moving across the country that matter. Would you rather stress about handling every aspect of your move yourself? Or, would you rather let the professionals handle some things? The choice is clear: shipping a car is the way to go.

Car Moving with Portland Car Transport

If you’re moving to another state for work or for pleasure, or if you have purchased a vehicle in another state and you need it shipped to you, we can help! Portland Car Transport makes relocation easier than ever by shipping your cars safely and securely.

With our exceptional team of expert car haulers, Portland Car Transport sets itself apart. Because of our work with our affiliates, we have all of the right permits and filings we need to succeed in Oregon. That way, when you get in touch with Portland Car Transport, you don’t just get great service. You get it quicker and cheaper than the rest of the car shipping industry.

You can read more about our car shipping services here on our website. Let Portland Car Transport take care of everything for you!