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Business Owners State They’re Done ‘Passively Waiting for Help’

You are currently viewing Business Owners State They’re Done ‘Passively Waiting for Help’
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Business owners are large group of downtown Portland proprietors. They have joined together in an effort to get the city’s attention.

Business Owners Band Together and Have a New Name

Announcing they don’t want to “passively waiting for help,” the new Rose City Downtown collective gave the open letter to city leaders.

More than 300 people representing a wide variety of businesses, both large and small, the letter done by this collective.

City hall must do more. The message they sent is urgent.

Portland’s Suffering Encompasses Ongoing Issues Keeping People Away From the Downtown Sector

Portland has “extra layers of pain” not being dealt with. Though other U.S. cities have suffered as well this year.

Vandalism, unenforced crime, uncollected trash, and growing homeless camps. Moreover, these are among the chronic issues that are keeping people away from the downtown core.

We are reaching out to officials and we were very upset. They seem to just sort of brush this off as though this wasn’t a big issue,” Jim Mark, CEO of Melvin Mark Company said. “While this was going on. We saw small businesses, minority-owned businesses, businesses of larger businesses start to really give up on downtown. Whether it’s a restaurant or a small shopkeeper.

The downtown collective leaders are hoping that the new Portland city council will rise to the occasion.

The Collective Gives New Energy to the Local Economy and Essence of Downtown

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said appreciates this group’s passion for revitalizing the local economy and spirit of downtown. Moreover, Wheeler added we need all hands on deck to keep Portland’s economy strong.

“Harnessing the expertise, energy and resources of our downtown businesses to leverage the city’s efforts will be essential to a successful recovery.”

The downtown collective has made it clear that they fully support protesters’ efforts to draw attention to important issues like racial injustice.

And they support a compassionate response to the homeless crisis,

But, they say we are at a historic crossroads. Portland is possibly becoming another “abandoned and dormant city center.”

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