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BMW 7-Series Displays The Most Advanced Technology

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The BMW 7-Series is certainly what all the EV-owners deserve. This is what the market will see before the market ends with the 2023 model. So what is the big deal with this latest and greatest EV? What makes the difference here, for the 7-Series? Well, if it isn’t already equipped with a turbocharged 3.0-inline-six and twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 engines, the BMW 7-Series also comes handy with a 48-volt hybrid system. In it, there’s also a plug-in-hybrid powertrain.

Pretty much every model comes in with the usual air springs. And in that instance, the new car rides with a better rear-wheel-steering system. As well as adaptive dampers. The Sport driving mode is capable of tightening things with more body control than hat you can get in a default setup.

Have you ever driven a BMW like this one?

The 7-Series is able to handle a good cruising speed. Otherwise, there’s an i7 sensibility that you’ll never want to leave the highway without ever again.

But wait! You haven’t even used the optional Highway Assistant! This one has a better capacity called Parking Assistant Professional. It’s an automated parking feature. The My BMW smartphone app is able to control the feature. There isn’t quite a robot vale but the driver is needed to remain near the vehicle and you can control the app through the maneuvers.

What are some other highlights of this BMW?

Besides being sold with an Internal Combustion Engine and a Plug-In Hybrid option, the BMW 7-Series also has 21-inch wheels, a split headlight design, and a six-figure price tag. Of course, it’s likely to be manufactured in Dingolfing, Germany while going on sale in November of this year.

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