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Autonomy Sees Another Step Forward As Toyota Teams Up With Apex.AI

You are currently viewing Autonomy Sees Another Step Forward As Toyota Teams Up With Apex.AI
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Have you ever seen an unlikely partnership go so much farther than what you would’ve originally anticipated? Well that’s kinda what happened with Toyota and Artificial Intelligence company Apex.AI. What occurred exactly? It turns out that Toyota is doing everything they can to have a production-ready stack of cars with built in autonomy handling. Granted this may be a bit of a stretch for Toyota, but anything the car maker can do to help out the little guy is a win in my book. Toyota does know what they are doing after all.

Apex.AI is an autonomy company that happens to be very good at developing certified developer-friendly software for mobility systems. The target customers for software development kits (SDK) are the OEM’s way of looking in to look out for complex AI software. (Hopefully, to not sabotage the pre-existing hardware.) There will also be autonomy developers desiring to incorporate safety-critical applications with reliability. The partnership with Woven Planet at Toyota is allowing Apex.AI to help with the latter. Woven Planet Group is forming in order to grow and improve ops. of the Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development. A faction, of which is responsible for the growth of Arene. Arene happens to be the vehicle development platform Toyota uses in order to enable modern software development tools within future models. This will be useful for those that utilize autonomy.

Apex.AI and Toyota are incorporating advanced driver assistance systems as well as OTA updates. Plenty of the vehicles these days are still defined by hardware.

Autonomy is recurring and strong with Apex.AI’s flagship Apex.OS. This happens to be a meta-operating system which enables and approves of software development to be easier on the OEMs thanks to Toyota. Furthermore, Apex.OS is TÜV NORD-certified, when it comes to functional safety. It’s just easier.

As far as we know, this is all a step in the right direction for Toyota and Apex.AI alike.

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