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Activists Criticize Mayor’s Remarks on Demonstrations

You are currently viewing Activists Criticize Mayor’s Remarks on Demonstrations
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Activists and Community leaders are criticizing Mayor Ted Wheeler. He is facing criticism for his current remarks about dealing with the downtown violence and destruction. 

George Floyd Murder Trial and Aftermath, Fallout of Unrest

The mayor of Portland, Oregon has issued a state of emergency last Tuesday that anticipated the unrest following the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial in the murder of George Floyd. He was found guilty of second-degree murder and third-degree murder. As well as second-degree manslaughter. In fact, the death of George Floyd has spurred what is called the largest civil rights protests in decades. In fact, the state of emergency allows increased resources for law enforcement and permits things like curfews and closing streets.

Last Friday, Wheeler extended the state of emergency through the weekend. Moreover, he also held a press conference that day. He urged the community to be proactive in solving criminal activity. It is tied to demonstrations. Wheeler did ask people to report any illegal-looking activity. In fact, he said the people need to report the license plates of vehicles carrying groups dressed all in black.

Activists: Standing as a Community Against Criminal Activity

“Moreover, we need to stand together as a community against this ongoing criminal intimidation and violence,” said Wheeler. Then, he added, “Our job is to really unmask them, arrest them and prosecute them.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler Seems Supscious and Worried about “Getting the Bad Guys” Knowing who They are…

“In fact, people do know who these criminals are,” he said. 

Activists are Far from Happy about the Mayor’s Comments

This past Saturday morning, there was a group of Black activists, protesters, and community leaders got together. It was at City Hall, to, in fact, criticize the mayor’s comments. 

“When I read your response Tevis, what I read was you trying to pull us apart,” said  Amber Boydston, a speaker at the event.

Activists and Community Leaders’ Open Letter

Boydston is one of the dozens of Black people in Oregon who drafted an open letter this week. The open letter was gearing at those participating in demonstrations. It says, in part, “actions that neither increase solidarity nor broadcast purpose. This is while making the lives of local Black communities more difficult are not acceptable.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler Basically Inserts Foot in Mouth with his Misused Words

The letter does also talk about the concern with police violence, these groups also says the mayor misused those words in his call to extend the state of emergency.

Mac Smiff Wants People to Respect What is Said With an Open Mind and Ears

“I would really appreciate it if people would listen to the words that we say, and then read, the words that we say, also to absorb the words that we say, next, think on the words that we say, but also to stop adding your own lens to it, ” said Mac Smiff, a speaker at the event. “Sometimes, you need to really be quiet and listen.”

The state of emergency was in effect through yesterday at noon. 

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