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6 People Arrested For Street Racing In Portland

You are currently viewing 6 People Arrested For Street Racing In Portland
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The police arrested 6 people that were street racing on the Fremont Bridge in Portland. On the nights of Sep. 21-22 and Sep. 27-28 several motorcycles and cars were blocking traffic on the Fremont Bridge and some other drivers were racing on the lower bridge deck.


According to the police, street racing problem has been getting worse lately. The new incident was quite similar to the one happened in June.


There have been multiple reports of noise, hit and run and reckless driving. On Aug. 23 a young street racer also was reported dead.


Waylon McAlister, 34; Justin Grant, 23; Luis Limon-Guzman, 18; Justin Travis Steward, 23; Jared Hugh Dinan, 26 and Kameron Christopher Maynard, 19 were arrested on charges like driving with a revoked license, organizing a speed racing event, reckless driving and attempting to elude the police.


Some of them were arrested after a chase, others were found based on the information on the plates. The police said there could have been even more people arrested.

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  1. Kelly Knight

    Just insane!! These guys are so young but a couple of the older ones should have known how dangerous this “sport” can be! I guess they love the thrill of it, which I just don’t understand at all. My life is to precious to put it at risk like that. One days these guys will wake up and realize how stupid they were being….if they don’t die first. :/

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