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Activists Criticize Mayor’s Remarks on Demonstrations
Activists and Community leaders are criticizing Mayor Ted Wheeler. He is facing criticism for his current remarks about dealing with the downtown violence and destruction.  George Floyd Murder Trial and Aftermath, Fallout of Unrest The mayor of Portland, Oregon has issued a state of emergency last Tuesd....... Read More

Autonomy Sees Another Step Forward As Toyota Teams Up With Apex.AI
Have you ever seen an unlikely partnership go so much farther than what you would've originally anticipated? Well that's kinda what happened with Toyota and Artificial Intelligence company Apex.AI. What occurred exactly? It turns out that Toyota is doing everything they can to have a production-ready stack of cars with built in autonomy handling. Granted this may be a bit of a stretch for Toyota, but anything the car make....... Read More

New Socially Distanced Venue to host Waterfront Blues Festival
Socially Distanced Venue that is outdoors is being creating at The Lot at Zidel Yards. The former shipyard is converting for this purpose. It is located at the South waterfront between Tilikum Crossing and Ross Island bridges. The Waterfront Blues Festival is a go this summer. Unfortunately, it was canceling last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, this annual festival will have a new home in 2021. It will al....... Read More

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