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Turntable In Lexus IS Model, Wax Edition! Pretty Dang Cool
The Lexus IS vehicle is available for purchase. Or at least it will be soon enough. The automaker wanted to play with some of the special features for a bit first. And that includes using the Hollywood effects house of SCPS to make an in-car turntable for Lexus IS. Yes, you read that right. A turntable in a Lexus IS model. It's the Wax edition. Granted, this isn't the most practical idea. ....... Read More

Lawmaker May Legalize Speed Cameras in Many Oregon Cities
Lawmaker Jeff Reardon says pair of bills introduced would allow for fixed radar speed enforcement. Therefore, there is no longer require police to write the ticket. Lawmaker Proposing Bill to Cite Lead Foot Motorists Using Cameras Now in Oregon, there are a pair of bills under consideration that would allow ....... Read More

Alfa Romeo Gives Tribute To Female Racers For Women’s History Month
Being that March 8th was International Women's Day and the whole month of March is Women's History Month, Alfa Romeo made it a task to show off it's roster of female racing drivers. In a statement, Alfa Romeo made it known that these women stood out in the brand's history. By mere assertion and determination, they have gone beyond the simple sporting value of their achi....... Read More

The Beaver State May Become Second State to Allow Human Composting
The Beaver State has a love of the outdoors and excitement for environmentally-friendly pursuits like recycling and composting. Now, they could take those commitments to the "grave" (no pun intended) if state lawmakers pass a bill allowing human composting as an option to traditional burial or cremation. That's a good thing and back into the Earth forever. Some people believe in reincarnation and hope to come back in ano....... Read More

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