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Tesla Has Compensated With EV Registrations In The United States
Tesla has got the US electric vehicle market locked down. This much is true as according to some stats, the notion of EVs being registered in the USA are 79% Teslas. About 21% are just everyone else. ....... Read More

The Beaver State Area Reopen Indoor Dining Starting Friday
The Beaver State area restaurants, bars, and brewpubs in the Portland metro will reopen their indoor dining rooms. It will be at limited capacity at the end of the week, Governor Kate Brown announced on Tuesday. This will happen for the first time since November. Indoor Dining is the Result of Falling COVID-19 Cases ....... Read More

Micro EVs At 55 Miles Can Make Range Look Pleasant As Heaven
The Micro EVs of today are coming in hot as electric velomobiles / e-bike hybrids. They are actually evident as fighter-style one-seaters with the ability to cruise right up to the street with some sort of spark of emotion unknown before. What are the specs on the LEF, in specific? Let's find out. This is One of Many Micro EVs ....... Read More

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